A live blog of Chip Kelly’s first game as head coach. The new Eagles offense will be unveiled, and the 3-4 defense has the task of stopping Tom Brady. Stay tuned.

7:31 PM: The Eagles are in their all-whites. The Patriots are wearing their blue jerseys and white pants.

15:00 Q1: The Eagles will kick off to start the game. Brandon Graham tackled Leon Washington shy of the Pats’ 20.

14:56 Q1: Stevan Ridley breaks off a huge 62-yard run on the game’s first play. CB Brad Fletcher saved a touchdown.

11:55 Q1: Stevan Ridley rushes in for a one-yard touchdown. The entirety of the drive was conducted on the ground for New England. 7-0 Patriots.

11:42 Q1: Michael Vick’s first play is a four-yard rush by RB Chris Polk. LeSean McCoy is OUT for this game.

10:34 Q1: Michael Vick converts on third down with a 22-yard pass down the seam to Jason Avant.

9:40 Q1: Michael Vick connects on a 47-yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson down the right sideline. 7-7.

9:33 Q1: Tom Brady nearly sacked by DL Fletcher Cox.

5:10 Q1: Tom Brady with a 13-yard touchdown pass to Shane Vereen down the left sideline. 14-7 Pats.

4:58 Q1: Riley Cooper with a 19-yard reception, to a mix of cheers and boos.

3:21 Q1: Eagles’ special teams down the ball at the half-yard line.

3:08 Q1: Ryan Mallet in at QB. Starting Eagle defense leaves the field.

2:16 Q1: Nick Foles enters the game. Michael Vick final numbers: 4/5, 94 yards, 1 TD.

1:55 Q1: Nick Foles is sacked and fumbles the ball away. Originally called an incompletion, but overturned by New England challenge.

15:00 Q2: Ryan Mallet overthrows a wide open Josh Boyce. Misses a sure touchdown.

14:55 Q2: Vinny Curry lays a good hit on Ryan Mallet, forces an incompletion.

14:52 Q2: Patrick Chung hammers receiver on third down for a loss of 2.

14:11 Q2: Stephen Gostkowski’s 44-yard field goal try is no good, wide right.

13:08 Q2: Nick Foles converts on 3rd down to Bryce Brown on an outlet route.

12:27 Q2: Bryce Brown with three straight catches.

12:00 Q2: Mick Foles 10-yard first down run.

10:41 Q2: Bryce Brown 8-yard touchdown run. 10 play, 60 yard drive in just 3:28. Electric no-huddle pace used throughout the drive. Refs unable to stop it. 14-14.

5:48 Q2: Stephen Gostkowski’s 34-yard field goal try is good. 17-14 Patriots.

5:45 Q2: Matt Barkley enters the game. Nick Foles final numbers: 5/6, 43 yards.

4:39 Q2: LeGarrete Blount 51-yard touchdown run. 24-14 Patriots.

1:22 Q2: Tim Tebow enters the game.

1:13 Q2: Vinny Curry and Jake Knott sack Tim Tebow for loss of 10 on 3rd down.

1:08 Q2: Damaris Johnson with a 62-yard punt return to New England 29 yard line.

0:21 Q2: Donnie Jones fumbles away hold on field goal try. Recovers fumble, but the Eagles turn over on downs. Punter competition could be decided by which candidate is better holder on field goals.

HALF: 24-14 Patriots.

9:15 Q3: LeGarrette Blount 1-yard touchdown run. 31-14 Patriots.

8:31 Q3: Howie Roseman on James Casey: “He’s trying to beat everyone in the building.”

8:07Q3: Matt Barkley converts 3rd & 20 with a 22-yard dig route to Clay Harbor.

7:10 Q3: Logan Ryan has interception drop straight through his hands.

2:22 Q3: Good pressure from Emmanuel Acho, Jake Knott, Vinny Curry, and Bennie Logan. Logan with the only sack thus far.

2:12 Q3: Stephen Gostkowski’s 53-yard field goal try is no good, wide right.

2:08 Q3: Dave Spadaro reports that Chip Kelly is not happy with how the defense is tackling. Jon Dorenbos out with a head injury. Jamar Chaney out with a shoulder injury. Casey Mathews out with a knee injury.

0:34 Q3: Matt Barkley and Clay Harbor have now connected for three first downs. Two have been on 3rd down, and 2 have been 20+ yards.

15:00 Q4: Matt Barkley throws a 12-yard bublescreen to Greg Salas for a touchdown. Eagles are successful on a 2-point conversion. 31-22 Patriots.

14:16 Q4: Jake Knott has been very active in this game.

13:33 Q4: Curtis Marsh with a near interception on a deep back-shoulder throw.

13:13 Q4: Dennis Dixon enters the game. Matt Barkley final numbers: 11/22, 103 yards, 1 TD.

11:04 Q4: Dave Spadaro reports that while Dennis Dixon is unlikely to make the 53-man roster, he is eligible to serve on the practice squad.

10:05 Q4: Felix Jones with a catch for a first down. Jones is trailing Chris Polk and Bryce Brown for the 2d and 3d running back spots:

9:02 Q4: The Eagles fail to convert on 4th and 10.

4:20 Q4: Felix Jones converts on a 4th &and 2.

FINAL: 31-22 Patriots.

Photo: NFL.com

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