While Chip Kelly has announced a decision, more questions than answers will result.

Head coach Chip Kelly has declared that veteran !Michael Vick will start Friday night’s contest against the New England Patriots. Vick and second-year man Nick Foles will split time early in the game.

“Nick (Foles) will start next week. It was Mike’s day in the rotation, that was the easiest way for us to do it and then we’ll make sure the rotation works out that Nick will get the start next week. The two of those guys, we feel like we’ve got it balanced out. We met with those guys this morning, they were great with it, so that’s kind of our plan going in.”

Rookie Matt Barkley will play the second and third quarter, with cabooses Dennis Dixon and G.J. Kinnie playing the fourth. Last preseason, Michael Vick injured his hand in the first quarter against Pittsburgh. Vick smacked his hand on the back of center Jason Kelce’s helmet as Vick released his pass. Vick then injured himself up in Foxborough during the second preseason game. He would not see the field again until week one in Cleveland.

While each will only play about 12-15 snaps, Vick and Foles could determine their fate Friday night.
“I’ve said it all along, it’s very difficult to evaluate somebody in just helmets and shorts.” Kelly admitted. After a series of dull, drowsing practices, the true 2013 Eagles will be revealed Friday night. chip Kelly has prepared his team for the jolt in energy: “That’s not how the game is played, so obviously I think our practices from an intensity level, we’re ramping up a little here just because the Patriots are here – on both sides I thought, it was great, great, great work for us. ”

In a year of change, competition is a buzzword. These battles will take center stage in South Philadelphia. Coaches, media members, and a national audience will be captivated by what unfolds at Lincoln Financial Field. At this point, motivation is but a formality.

“For guys that are competing right now, the preseason has to be the same way. If that’s not your approach as a player, you’re going to get passed on by.”

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