Five years from now, judgement day will arrive for General Manager Paul Holmgren. Each and every draft pick will be evaluated, scrutinized, and micro-analyzed. Until then, fans express excitement, pretending to know the capabilities and weaknesses of each player.

The Philadelphia Flyers completed their draft late Sunday night. Their primary focus seemed to be directed to the future, for the purpose of stockpiling and fostering talent. GM Paul Holmgren foresaw a variety of trades occurring, but no such deal was struck.

At pick 11, the Flyers selected defenseman Sam Morin. Morin, a large defenseman, resembles the frame of Chris Pronger. While not an offensive force, Morin is a pure defensive player even with an improved offensive game. From there, they selected Robert Hagg in the second round. Both will be future cornerstones on the Philly blue line. The Flyers then added four other prospects, two out of high school.

The fact of the matter is, GM Paul Holmgren was unable to strike a deal anywhere. He decided that investing his assets in the future was the appropriate plan for draft day. Trades, signings, and releases will be made. The draft was mely the calm before the free agent storm.

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