The Philadelphia Eagles will potentially put the band back together for a brief moment on September 19 when the Kansas City Chiefs come to town.

The Chiefs are now being coached by Andy Reid who led the team to numerous NFC championship games and a Super Bowl.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, on that date, Reid’s mainstay quarterback Donovan McNabb will retire as a Eagle.

McNabb spent back-to-back years 2010 and 2011 under center for the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings.

Both of those runs were crash and burn disasters.

McNabb recently went back to Syracuse University where he played his college ball.

“I will retire as an Eagle and I look forward to that opportunity and that day,” McNabb told ESPN, via Syracuse.Com

McNabb also talked up his relationship with Eagles fans.

“There was never any animosity from the Philly fans,” McNabb said.”The handful of fans that are the ones that are kind of being seen, they’re not a high percentage of fans who truly appreciate what you were able to do while you were there. I have nothing but love for the Philly fans, even the ones who were highly criticizing me or opinionated in any way. I can’t get upset at them because my job is to get out on the field and be productive. That’s what quarterbacking is all about.

McNabb discussed his Hall of Fame credentials.

“I didn’t play the game for the individual accolades,” he said. “I didn’t play the game to say, ‘Hey, I want to make the Hall of Fame.’ Yeah, that’s great. I think that’s a goal that you kind of write as a kid up on the sheet, you look at it like, yeah I wanna be like Warren Moon or I wanna be like Jim Kelly, Randall Cunningham. Those were guys I watched and tried to watch and take parts of their game out and add it to mine. And when I had an opportunity to compete against those guys, I wanted to be better. Now that I’m not playing, you look at my numbers, yes my numbers speak for themselves, but none of that would’ve been able to happen if I didn’t play with a great group of guys around me.

“If I’m rewarded by getting in the Hall of Fame, hey that’s great. But to me it’s like graduation. You step across the stage and say you know what, I made it, and I’m happy for it.”

More on this story as the ceremony details are released from the Eagles camp.


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