Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. For the past few years, GM Howie Roseman has done just that.

After facing RB Felix Jones countless times in Dallas, Roseman decided to take a gamble. A running back that fell to second on the depth chart ma not be appealing for a young GM. However, a player who netted 1,250 total yards is.

The Philadelphia Eagles signed former Cowboy Felix Jones Tuesday. Jones will play on a one-year deal, and add more versatility to Chip Kelly’s offense. “It seems like a fun system, a fun thing that he has going on.”

After being drafted by Dallas in 2008, Jones took the NFL by storm. His dynamism ignited the Cowboys offense, in rushing, receiving, and returning. However, an injury-riddled 2011 cost Jones his job, paving the way for sensation DeMarco Murray.

Jones slipped on the depth chart, and now has a fresh start in Philly. He is here to battle for a roster spot, and thrive in Chip Kelly’s offense. A system of McCoy, Brown, and Jones could rotate well in Kelly’s backfield. Jones is more than open to that:

“Like I said, there’s good backs here. I’m definitely competing for a spot to play. It’s going to be fun to learn from those guys and to pick up what they’ve done that’s helped them out. It’s gonna help me out with my game as well. You know, I always played with a couple backs anyway, ever since college. It’s always a thrill to have a couple good people in your position, because they can push you.”

Jones will also add a pedigree in kickoff returning. “It’s something I always did, something I always wanted to do,” Jones acknowledged.  With poor special teams results from 2012, the Eagles could use Felix Jones’ ability to bring back kicks. He may add more consistency to the return game, and set the offense up in better position.

As a change-of-pace back, a receiving option out of the backfield, and as a return man, Jones could carve out a satisfying role for himself. Jones sat through adversity at the start of free agency, unsure of his future. God offered him a chance in Philadelphia, and he took it. Only time will tell if he runs with it, the way he ran so often against these Eagles the past few years.

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