In about 24 hours, all questions will be answered. Round one will commence, and the Eagles will soon be on the clock.

What they do at that point is anybody’s guess.

With Chip Kelly now in the war room, things will be different from 2012. The Eagles traded up a few spots to select DT Fletcher Cox last year. Kelly, Roseman, and Co. may choose an alternative avenue at pick four.

The first option is to stay put. Jeremy Goode wrote a comprehensive article regarding who the Eagles should add to the nest. On top of these four candidates, Howie Roseman must look at Lane Johnson. The athletic tackle has shot up public draft boards recently. This is mostly due to raw agility and strength, outlined by combine/pro day measurables. Look for the Eagles to take one of these five at pick four. Whomever they select must grow into a cornerstone for the next decade.

Another alternative is trading down.’s Jeff McLane reported that Roseman is calling teams to trade down. The 49ers and Ravens are potential candidates. However, one must wonder what assets they could trade, seeing as they have the 31st and 32nd picks. A possible partner is St. Louis, as they have two first round picks. If the Rams package picks 16, 22 and a second rounder, the Eagles could trade four and a third rounder. That gets the Eagles an extra pick, while also promoting their third round pick to a second. Whatever the case, a trade backwards would go without shock to the majority.

The least likely option is to trade up. The only reason to do so is to exchange picks with Andy Reid, and take Luke Joeckel. This may be a worthless move, as a tackle of similar level will be available at four.

Summing up all of the avenues, one looks clear. The Eagles will likely speed down Trade-Back Boulevard, and move down to accumulate picks. Many analysts have declared hat the strength of this draft lies in the middle, not at the top.

No matter how it is analyzed, rationalized, or calculated. All bets are off come Thursday night.

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