A stalemate is often viewed as defeat in soccer. Being unable to score maximum points should translate into defeat.

For team USA, the draw was a sense of jubilation.

The Americans fought out a deserved 0-0 draw Tuesday, having frustrated Mexico. The game came after their victory in the elements of Denver last Friday.

The starting 11 of Guzan, Besler, Gonzalez, Beasley, Cameron, Dempsey, Bradley, Edu, Altidore, Gomez, and Zusi worked hard in the game. Defensive discipline, concentration, and physicality themed the match.

The first half was quiet for team USA, with limited space. Mexico had two of the better chances, nearly grabbing the lead.

The second half was more action-packed. The Mexican corner count rose, reaching 15 by the end. Chicharito nearly scored a corner late, sliding in at the near post. A near-penalty brewed controversy, although not given. Mo Edu’s tackle looked a foul on replay, but the referee denied the pleas.

As the game ended, a swarm of Mexican players ran at the referee. The quarrel resulted from the controversial penalty, but was to no avail. Through luck, grit, and discipline, the US had done the job.

The US. now sits third in the hexagonal group, with four points. They next play in Jamaica, on June seventh in Kingston.

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