Kurt Coleman can breathe a heavy sigh of relief. He will be able to do so with a helmet sitting firmly on his head.

During the annual NFL Spring Meetings, the owners made significant rule changes. Three laws were altered, and have caused varying degrees of uproar among fans.

The biggest addition was the new penalty geared towards running backs. A 15-yard penalty will be assessed if a back lowers his head at a defender. The crown of the helmet cannot be used as a weapon towards the tackler. Ironically, this change comes after the news that former Eagles’ RB Brian Westbrook is suffering from memory loss.

A decade late for Raiders’ fans, the NFL has eliminated the tuck rule. The rule was unwarranted protection, shown in the 2002 AFC divisional game. Tom Brady appeared to fumble the ball, recovered by Oakland. However, the tuck rule negated the fumble, and gave the Patriots the football.

Lastly, coaching challenges will be safeguarded. If a coach misuses a challenge flag, he will lose one timeout. This is in response to Jim Schwartz’ lost challenge after an incorrectly ruled Texans touchdown.

The NFL is evolving, slowly and steadily. The physicality will remain, but the tules are being altered to help all parties. Players, coaches, and fans will benefit from these modernizations.

Photo: Bleacher Report

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