Who couldn’t see this one coming, really, from a mile up the road. The Eagles have begun to release veterans that they feel either have their best years in the rear view mirror, or, are not living up to the contract to which they were signed. In either case, the Eagles are clearing some room to be prepared for free agency, when it opens on March 12.
In releasing both Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson, the Eagles cleared roughly 5 million dollars of cap room. Now, I was a little dismayed at the Patterson release (see an earlier article in which I spoke of brain injuries and Patterson), but, at the end of the day, this is a business. And, with a new coach on the scene, it certainly comes as no surprise that these moves are coming.
Nnamdi Asomghua has already been told to re-work his deal. As it stands, he is slated to make 15.3 million if he is a member of the team next season. However, if the Eagles decide to part ways with him, he will only count 4 million against the cap. That’s a pretty big chunk of savings right there. And, with the deadline looming, something tells me Asomghua might not be wearing the green of the Eagles next season.
And, as all of the bigger salaries were being dumped, the NFL held its annual Scouting Combine last week for potential prospects. And, I have to admit: I watched more than I really feel any person should that is not employeed by an NFL team. I absolutely love Eric Fisher, the OT out of Central Michigan, but, with the Eagles picking at #4, if CB Dee Milliner from Alabama is still on the board, then the team really has to take him. And, if he’s still available in the early 2nd round, the team should take the safety from Texas, Vaccarro. This, of course, is just one man’s opinion. I mean, I certainly would not be opposed to seeing EJ Manuel, QB out of Florida State, becoming an Eagle, nor would I mind seeing Andre Ellington, WR/RB out of Clemson end up in Philadelphia. Speed and quickness. That’s what all of these players bring to the table (well, Fisher isn’t all that fast, but that kid has a downright mean streak when he is playing). And, with Coach Kelly determined to run his offense, the team will need players that can withstand the up-tempo style.
So, all is quiet, for now. Pro days will begin at the various campuses soon. Then, everyone will all get together for one last time before heading to New York to begin the re-shaping of the team. Here’s hoping that fortune favors them in their efforts, and the Eagles return to the top of the division.

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