Free agency is a meager 13 days away. After an hour and a half of heated argument and rebuttal, Eagles fans will have enough to ponder until March 12th.

“Howard, the 1980’s called: they want their sunglasses back.”

On Thursday, SportsRadio 94 WIP enacted it’s sixth annual Great Birds Debate. The one-and-a-half-hour event was held at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philadelphia. Three-time debate champion Rob Ellis led the pack. WIP stars such as Angelo Cataldi, Al Morganti, Michael Barkann, Glenn Macnow, and Howard Eskin dotted the field. Beasley Reese of CBS3 and’s Dave Spadaro rounded out the participants. Anthony Gargano mediated the debate.

Numerous topics were covered regarding the new era of Eagles’ football. Howie Roseman’s capability of personnel scouting, Chip Kelly’s nuance offense, and Michael Vick were on the docket.

Ike and Beasley Reese seemed skeptical towards the presence of Chip Kelly. As former players, their pessimistic opinion bred much concern. Beasley Reese expressed fear for the defense, feeling that it would be difficult to correct shortcomings even with generous cap room. Beasley Reese voiced support for the 3-4 defense claiming it is easier to run and is the new fad of the NFL. Ike Reese ensured to highlight his passion for the team. He explained how much he hurt when the team was down. While he was against Chip Kelly’s hiring, Reese asked for the support of the fans, as he would.

Al Morganti kept his eyes on the horizon. He foretold a future where the Eagles stress over Chip Kelly leaving, after five years of success. He assured that the new-look Eagles would be “the vanguard of a new NFL.”

Glenn Macnow addressed sympathy for the fans. In his closing statement, Macnow claimed that the fans “deserve better.”

“They deserve a front office like in San Francisco, who just picked another top draft pick. They deserve a coach like Baltimore; oh wait, Jim Harbaugh, he used to be here. They deserve a running game like the Redskins, or a defense like the Steelers, or at least one of them.”

Michael Barkann aggressively defended Chip Kelly throughout the debate. He gloated about the genius of Kelly. Barkann cited examples of teams such as the Colts, and felt that Chip Kelly will bring the team back to relevance immediately in 2013.

An alliance of Angelo Cataldi and Howard Eskin both stood in full support in Chip Kelly. Both showed attitude and passion, and preached excitement. Nick Foles gained the appreciation of the two, with Angelo Cataldi decreeing that the he would lead the Eagles to the Lombardi Trophy. Cataldi even cited Philadelphia as”the best sports city in America.”

A passive Dave Spadaro expressed pure optimism. The phrase “I don’t know” flowed through his arguments. However, he cited the major changes in the organization as a signal that they are prepared to bring a championship. “Lets hope and be excited,” he preached, while throwing bribery Eagles hats and tees into the crowd.

Reigning champion Rob Ellis attacked other candidates, while teetering on the edge of the positive-negative struggle. His authentic statements entertained the crowd, at the same time prying through unique opinions. The confident candidate boasted confidence, ensuring the fans that they deserve success.

Text to 84828 to vote for the winner. After minutes of begging and screaming, voting will rage on until Monday. Whomever earned your vote, stay passionate Eagles fans. The offseason is soon to heat up, and a championship run is soon to be born. Only time will tell if Chip Kelly can guide it to the city of Brotherly Love. As Glenn Macnow advised, “Hang in there.”

“Players come and go. Coaches are hired to be fired. Even owners eventually sell when they get tired of it. But the fans are really the team.”

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