This offseason, the Phillies did not pickup a big name in the 2012 free agent frenzy.

To much of the city”s disappointment, we did not land Josh Hamilton, Cody Ross, or Nick Swisher – all players that could of had a positive influence next season.  Instead, the Phillies answered their problems at third base, center field, and in the bullpen, as they signed Michael Young to play third, Ben Revere in center, and Mike Adams as a right hander in the bullpen.

All of these signings were solid pickups for the team, however are they still missing some pieces?  Yes they are. It”s simple: The Phillies still need a left or right fielder.

The plan is to start Revere in center, and then throw Ruf in any corner in the outfield (assumimg they sign a specific position player in the outfield during the offseason).  It seems as though the Phillies do not want to platoon John Mayberry and Dominic Brown again, as it did not work too well in 2012.  The truth is, Mayberry and Brown are not the answer for the future.

Michael Bourn would be a nice addition, but there are to many issues in casino signing him; first, he would want superstar money that he really does not deserve.  Second, he only plays center field, as we would have to move Revere, even though the Phillies organization is pretty committed to him.  Third, he has no power what so ever, as he would just be hogging a spot in the lineup.

Marco Scutaro would be nice, however he has no power, and does not play the outfield.  Maybe the Phillies should go after a player who can provide instead offense, and would be a solid position player in right field.  This player is Ryan Ludwick.  He brings a lot of experience to a mix of young and old players, and has power the this Phillies team seems to be missing.  He would be a low cost player, who could play almost every day.  He has had tons of success in Cincinnati, and there is no question how effective Ludwick could be in red pinstripes, playing in a hitter”s park.


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