The 2013 Pro Bowl rosters were finalized Tuesday night, and no NFC player will don the winged helmet.

No Philadelphia Eagle was voted to the Pro Bowl roster for the first time since 1998. The team overall is 4-11, and has collapsed from a torrid 3-1 start. Injuries have also ravaged the team, with nine of the 11 offensive starters hurt at some point this season. Michael Vick and the offense became the Santa Claus of turnovers; even the great LeSean McCoy-he reminded us how great he was Sunday-missed time due to a concussion. While DeSean Jackson outputted a comeback season, he now sits on IR. Jeremy Maclin has only started to come on. These factors snubbed the once high-flying offense from stardom.

The defense has been riddled by change throughout the year, with the initial firing of Juan Castillo. Next came the debacle of the D-line, as the Jason Babin/Jim Washburn scandal took root. Ironically, DaMeco Ryans was projected by fans to fly to Hawaii after a stellar first season. After his move from Houston, Ryans stepped into the leadership role of the defense. He, as well as rookie Mychal Kendricks, has boosted the linebacker play from 2011.

Arguably the most worthy of a spot was 2nd year kicker Alex Henery. At one point, Henery connected on field goals for 12 games straight, breaking the record of most consecutive makes. Blair Walsh of the Vikings received the honor, but look for Henery to earn it next season.

This latest mockery is none but another culmination of the poor play this season. Relax fans, only 60 minutes remain.


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