Nick Foles grew up in robust Austin Texas, graduating High School in 2007. He was drafted out of Arizona on a cool April day, with the Philadelphia world anxious of what lay ahead. Foles was cheated out of fair draft reports prior to April, with many trashing his mobility and his weak arm.

1,699 pass yards and six TDs later, we still aren’t sure what he is. Atrocities have mingled with fantasies, from the two-interception game in Washington, the comeback in Tampa, and the near upset against the same Redskins: we’ve seen it all.

Yet, it looks like we won’t get to see enough.

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Andy Reid announced Monday that Nick Foles is out for Sunday’s game with a broken hand, and that the demoralized Michael Vick will return to start in New York. Ironically, it was at this venue two years ago that he spurred a 21 point comeback victory out of a 31-10 abyss. Since that day, the Eagles haven’t been the same.

“There’s a pretty good chance that Mike will be the starter. That’s what I’m looking at right now,” Reid announced at his day-after press conference, “That’s the direction I’m going as we speak right now.”

Many had defaulted to the conclusion that Michael Vick would be released after the 2012 season. He is due a massive $16 million bonus, and his turnover plague has infested the team for the past two years. Subsequently, Foles would appear to be the 2013 starter, pending review by the Head Coach: whomever he may be.

But this latest misadventure has opened the window for Vick, if only slightly. According to Jason La Canfora, the Eagles will make “a heavy push” to hire Oregon’s Chip Kelly next year. Kelly’s offense warrants a mobile QB, a role better suited for Vick than Foles. If Michael Vick can show something reminiscent of December 19th, 2010, he may be in business. He could take a pay cut to return next season, giving Foles an extra year to develop.

Vick’s poor performance, however, may not give him this chance. Odds are still that Vick is released, with many teams ready to catapult money at him, namely the lowly New York Jets. Foles looks to be in the running for the 2013 job, depending on the team decision. If nothing else, this start serves as an audition for other teams in the NFL who may roll the dice: the same term used around the league in 2009 when the Eagles did the very same by signing Vick.

Funny how things go full circle. But such is the circle of NFL life.Credit: Football Nation

Credit: Football Nation

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