Oppose to the Philadelphia Phillies going after big names in free agency this offseason, Amaro took another approach.  Why spend a lot of money and make a multi year commitment on a player that only meets the needs of one position?  With this in mind, Ruben Amaro Jr. decided to put his money towards less expensive players, who can still have a lasting impact on the ballclub.  The Phillies invested in Michael Young, Ben Revere, Mike Adams, and John Lannan, to fill the current roster, and to bring new faces onto the team that can have a major tribute.  Although none of these players are named Josh Hamilton, Nick Swisher, or Cody Ross, the Phillies met the needs of the team overall, oppose to just answering one position in their lineup.  Here are grades and comments on each of the four players the Phillies picked up in the offseason, and how they will fit in come 2013.

Michael Young–  There is no doubt that Michael Young has had a terrific career, as he has a great glove and hits for contact.  Although aging, the 36 year old is still proving that he can play thirdbase, as the Phillies plan to start him there on a regular bases, unlike Texas who would use him as a DH.  People have been saying that they are not thrilled with Young because he is too old, and is the opposite idea of who the Phillies should be going after.  And generally, this is a valid point.  However, the experience Young brings to Philadelphia will help the team in the long run.  The Phillies also do not have to get younger in every position too.  They have Darin Ruf coming up, and probably Dom Brown as well.  Also, the Phillies are practically getting him for nothing, as the Rangers are paying $10 million of his $16 million contract for the next year.  Overall, Young is a good player with tons of experience that will help the Phillies win more games in the 2013 season.

Overall Grade:  B+

Ben Revere-  I personallylike this trade.  He will be payed around $500,000 for the next several years, and has been compared to a young Juan Piere.  Revere’s average is also a plus, as he batted .294 last season.  He is also fast, meaning he will be able to steal a lot of bases, especially since he gets on base often.  Since Ben Revere is so young, it is hard to see how good he will be in the future, however he has a lot of potential.  With a lot more playing time, Revere could turn into a solid leadoff hitter in the future.

Overall Grade:  B

Mike Adams-  Probably the best relief pitcher in free agency, Mike Adams will instantly boost this lacking bullpen.  The Phillies have wanted Adams for a while, as they have tried trading for him in the past.  With the addition of Adams, the Phillies will able to close out games more, as he will be the set up for Jonathan Papelbon in the ninth.  Since the Phillies lost several games due to their bullpen, it is good that they are upgrading.  Adams had a down season last year, however knowing what he can do, the Phillies took a risk that will be worth it in the long run.

Overall Grade:  B+

John Lannan–   Lannan is obviously not a star, however the Phillies do not need him to be.  Rather he can be a fourth or fifth pitcher in the rotation.  He does not have great numbers at Citizens Bank Park, however this is mainly because he was facing a great lineup from 2007 to 2011.  They are not putting a lot of money on him, which is another plus.  He has big league experience, and is perfectly able to pitch into the sixth and seventh inning.

Overall Grade:  B-


Photo: The Philadelphia Inquirer 

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