When the great David Akers was left unsigned after the Free Agent frenzy of 2011, the city of Philadelphia froze still.

A cornerstone of the Andy Reid era, Akers ended up signing with the up-and-coming 49ers. The Eagles received backlash from Akers and the fanbase for a lack of loyalty during negotiations.

A bigger problem loomed over Reid, one he knew he inevitably face.

The Eagles had no kicker or punter on the roster approaching the 2011 NFL Draft. They betrayed conventional wisdom and selected Akers’ replacement in the 4th round. Alex Henery: a young 23 year old from Nebraska, was clearly the best kicker in said draft class, and the Eagles felt he was their man.

How correct they were.

Henery burst out of the gate to start his NFL career, chipping in a solid season. He became the most accurate rookie kicker in NFL history with 89.3% accuracy. He has kept the ball rolling in 2012, breaking the record for most consecutive field goals with 21 in a row. He has been 25-28 this season, and didn’t miss a kick in 12 straight games.

Many Eagles fans equate him to Akers, in the calm they feel when Henery lines up his kick. A sense of comfort comes upon those that wear midnight green, and rightfully so.

Henery deserves recognition for his punctilious play, which clearly merits Pro Bowl honors as the best kicker in the NFC.  The Eagles may not send a position player to Hawaii this year, an unprecedented scenario. It would be a shame to see Henery’s hard work and marvelous efforts of 2012 go to waste.

So make haste, Eagles fans, voting ends soon. Kick Alex Henery to the Pro Bowl: because through a two-year span of wrong decisions, Andy Reid got this one right.

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