A machine. A work horse. A phenom. A future…

Such is the potential of one Bryce Brown.

The rookie is off to a stellar start in relief of LeSean McCoy(who could be back this week), having rushed for a total of 347 yards in his two starts. His 169 rushing yards accumulated as erosion on the Grand Canyon: they kept on coming back for more. His 178 yard ambush of the Cowboys on national TV stood out as an eye-opener “who is this kid” moment. His four TDs have already eclipsed the count of McCoy, and he seems to be a strong red zone runner, using his vision to detect holes to run through in the limited 20 yards of space.

Obviously, McCoy is the starter, the icon, the face of the Eagles running game. A lethal weapon, McCoy brings a Barry Sanders-like elusiveness to the field. He bails out his lineman and salvages a seven yard gain from a near four yard loss. Brown, however, can be a fantastic complement to the Eagles offense, especially in the red zone to help score more TDs. The Eagles could create a two headed monster like that of LT and Shonn Greene, like Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, even as dangerous as the pre-2012 version of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams.

At the very least, Brown could be a consistent backup to McCoy. He averages 6.5 yards per rush on 75 attempts this season, a surreal number showing his ability to fight for extra yardage. The fact that the Eagles have relied on Brown in the passing game these last few weeks evokes his ability to catch the football and provide a threat out of the backfield, as well as a reliable check-down for the QB.

Unfortunately, Brown has made some crucial mistakes these last few weeks. Game-changing mistakes. Brown has lost three fumbles in three games, two of which lost both games for the men in green. This is due to a lack of game experience, as prior to week 10 Brown had not started a game since high school.

In regret, Brown responded to such a question in an interview by insisting, “Fumbling isn’t a habit that I have. That’s not something that I normally do. I’ve just got to be cautious and be more careful. It’s football; things are going to happen. Just go in this week and know that guys are going to be after the ball this game.”

Brown has a bright future ahead of him in Eagles green.However, we’ve seen players be given roles, and simply not play well enough to gasp hold of them. Best example: Ryan Moats. After a stellar end to 2005, Mats stumbled out of the gate in 2006. After a stint with the Texans, he sits somewhere in oblivion, wondering how he let it all slip. Don’t let this one slip, Bryce. Don’t just fumble it away…



Photos: SA, Bleacher Report


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