Over the past couple of days, I have recieved questions about the Phillies progress in the offseason, and their future plans.  It is important to get your information from various sources, and to keep in mind that the article is extremely opinionated.  I recieved various questions concerning the Philies, as I try to predict have aggressive the Phillies will be in the 2012 offseason, and who will fill up the lineup for opening day.

I know the Braves signed B.J Upton, however¬†I was a little disappointed the Phillies didn”t land him?¬† Any ideas why it did not go through for Upton to come to Philadelphia?¬† –¬† Matt G.

Honestly, I do not think the Phillies deep down wanted to pursue in a guy like B.J Upton.¬† He is not too old, however i believe the Phillies are looking to go extremely young, and have guys they could put in the outfield for the next ten years.¬† I am not saying Upton is not capable of having a long tenure in Philadelphia, however he does not offer the youth the organization is heading towards.¬† Also, the Braves signed Upton to a 5 year $75 million dollar contract, which is a lot of money to invest in a guy like Upton who is a good player, but is not a superstar.¬† Upton would be a¬†nice addition in center field, as he would replace Shane Victorino”s speed, however the Phillies would want to put him in ther leadoff position in the lineup, and as a guy who bats .255 and strikeout a lot during a season, you could see problems in the future.¬† Overall, upton is a good player who has a high pricetag and does not fully answer all of the Phillies problems.

Since the Miami Marlins are in a giving Mood, why don”t the Phillies trade for Giancarlo Stanton?¬† –¬† Sam P.

First, I think it is fair to say that every Philadelphia Phillies fan would want Giancarlo Stanton on the team.¬† After watching park homeruns off of Joe Blanton (and believe me they went FAR), and the numbers he has poster, it is clear that Stanton is the real deal.¬† However Stanton is not a free agent, so the Phillies would have to trade with Miami in order for this to happen.¬† The trade would probably involve Dominic Brown, Vance Worley, Jesse Biddle, and another good player in the farm system.¬† Needless to say, it would be a miracle for this trade to be pulled off.¬† However,¬†I want to shut down the idea that Stanton¬†could come to Philly.¬† He is 23, and has¬† a bright future ahead of him.¬† He battle .290 last season, with 37 homeruns and 86 RBI”S, in the 123 games he played.¬† What is not to love?¬† Except for the fact that he is the Marlins best player, and be has the potential to be one of the best outfielders in the major leagues in the next couple years.¬† This is why the Marlins will not trade Stanton.¬† He is too good.¬† They also have to sell tickets, which they could only do will Stanton playing on the team.¬† The difference between the Jose Reyes trade with also included Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, and Emilio Bonifacio was online casino that the Marlins traded away good players, but Stanton is on a whole different level.¬† If¬†Miami gave up Stanton, they would have nobody on the team who could be an elite leader, or make up all of these players¬†numbers.¬† Stanton would be a¬†nice¬†person to fill in at right field who also brings the rare right handed bat the Phillies have lacked for years, but the Marlins would never give up this superstar in the making.

What is the status with Josh Hamilton coming to Philly?¬† –¬†¬†Max T.

There have rumors stating the Phillies are interested in pursuing Hamilton, except honestly I do not think we will get him.¬† Hamilton wants too many years, and is a huge risk.¬† There is the idea he could go back on alcohol and drugs, and he also has moments in the¬†season where he goes through major slumps.¬† Not slumps for a week or two, slumps that last 4-6 weeks.¬† However, I cannot say I would not mind Hamilton in red pinstripes.¬† Listen, he batted .285, hit 43 homeruns, and 128 RBI”S.¬† He is good.¬† Except the risk is too much of a gamble.¬† The
Phillies are not the only team who do not want to risk it.  And yes I will admit at the beginning of the 2012 MLB season I thought Josh Hamilton would sign the riches contract ever going into 2013.  In this case, money is not a problem, it is the amount of years the Phillies are willing to invest in him.  I do not see the Phillies getting him to play left field in 2013.

Who do you think the Phillies will¬†sign in the offseason, if anyone?¬† –¬†¬†Olivia M.

I am not a huge fan of anyone¬†who are free agents this year, however I think the Phillies will get a couple people over the holidays.¬† I think they will sign Kevin¬†Youkilis to a one year, two¬†year contract maximum.¬† He offers them a great right handed bat, plus a good defensive third basemen.¬† In addition, he played a little bit of¬†first base with Boston because David Ortiz was the DH, so if Ryan Howard got injured, Youkilis could fill in there.¬† I think for the money and years, Youkilis would be a great fit in Philadelphia, and would have an immediate impact.¬† I could also see the Phillies going after Shane Victorino.¬† Amaro knows what he is about, and realizes that Shane is threat on both sides of the plate, and¬†is a good defensive centerfielder.¬† Like Youkililis, I do not want the Phillies giving¬†Victorino a lot of years, mainly because the goal of the francise is too get younger, not older.¬† I have always said¬†Nick Swisher could fit with this team, however at age 32, I don”t think he is the Phillies future, however his numbers last season were excellent.¬† I would love for the Phillies to sign Mike Adams, a great relief pitcher, who would set up for Jonathan Papelbon.¬† Adams would be extremely expensive, however I think it is necessary to sign him based on his numbers he has poster in the majors.


The Phillies have many options in the upcoming season.¬† I think Darin Ruf will see more playing time, as will Dominic Brown.¬† Mayberry will also see a lot of action as well.¬† If nothing goes right for the Phillies this winter, I could see John Mayberry playing center field, Dominic Brown playing right, and Darin Ruf playing left.¬† After looking at that outfield, let”s hope the Phillies¬†are aggresive, and snag an elite player to fill one of these positions.



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