The disease is cured.

Upon touching down in Philadelphia after a disappointing 38-33 loss to the Cowboys, the team’s eight in a row, the Eagles have fired Defensive Line Coach Jim Washburn. Former Defensive Line coach Tommy Brasher will reassume the position.

Washburn was hired in 2011, just four days after the firing of Sean McDermott. Washburn led the Eagles to a high-lyng 50 sacks last year, and sent Jason Babin to the Pro Bowl for the second consecutive season. This year, the line has 20 sacks, and is tied for 27th in the league. 2011 stars Trent Cole and Jason Babin have only seven sacks combined until, of course, Babin was released.

According to a source close to the situation, Washburn became a “cancer ” to deal with last week. Babin was one of “Washburn’s guys”,  and his release may have irritated Washburn. It was also reported by said source that Washburn threatened to resign from his post asfter Babin was cut. Fellow Defensive End Brandon Graham cited the release of Babin as a part of Washburn’s removal, saying,“I feel like that hurt [Washburn] a little bit. From what I heard, he didn’t know that they were releasing him until he was actually gone. I know that was one of his guys. … I do think it got to him.”

In Monday’s press conference, Andy Reid made it clear that the decision “This was a move that I made. Nobody else made this move, that’s important for you to understand…This is a move that I think needed to be done now, and so I did it now.”

This move makes three significant defensive changes in the past seven weeks. It is clear the defense is in a tailspin,with Reid making changes from left to right to try and stop it. Clearly, it is to no avail, as the team has given up an average of 24.5 points in the last seven games.

Re-hired Brasher was the standing Defensive Line coach during the days of the late Jim Johnson, when the team would hold one of the most respected, rewarded, and feared defensises in the NFL.

Ah, the good old days. Rest in peace, Jim Johnson. Thank you for everything you gave us.



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