Center Andrew Bynum went back to see Dr. Altchek this past Monday, and the news wasn’t good.

The Sixers organization says the big guy will not begin workouts for three more weeks, December 10th, to be exact.

His knee injury is being monitored very carefully but that does not stop the eager Sixers fans from getting heated. Before the 11/12 game against the Bucks, Coach Doug Collins told reporters that Bynum will have a tough transition coming off his injury. Not only because of his lack of exercise but because of his new teammates and new fans.  After a tough loss against Milwaukee, it makes us fans angry to see him on the bench in his suit.

One fan even tweeted: “Get a haircut and get out on that court!”

Jason Richardson, who injured his ankle during the 11/4 game against the Knicks, had this to say about the matter: “We are a team and really want him out there but at the same time we need to keep moving forward with what we have. Our arms will be open with hugs and stuff when he gets back, because we know when he gets back it will make us that much better of a team.”

Everyone, including the players and coaches, is excited to see #33 step onto the floor, but according to Dr. Altchek, it looks like we’ll have to wait till January.

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