Each week I will report the players the Eagles have listed as inactive in this feature, Inactive Inklings. I will list each inactive player, then predict gameplans and player implementation for the game. This week, the Eagles travel to the Bayou to take on the Saints on Monday Night Football.

Note: This feature is inspired by Chris McPherson and Bo Wulf of Eagles Live! at philadelphiaeagles.com.



No surprise here. Obviously, unless one of either Vick or Foles is dealt an injury, Edwards will simply be watching. Better than walking the streets looking for work I suppose.



Likewise for Gilyard: his hamstring was declared unfit late last week, and will not be able to suit up tonight. The pen to the fairytale of Damaris Johnson’s misadventures in punt returning will once again write a new chapter tonight. Johnson was the primary returner until he was demoted week 6 , and the job handed to Gilyard.  He has resembled marginal improvement in the return game. Subsequently, Johnson could regain the role with a strong showing tonight. Look for him to show significant strides, and expect him to break at least one big return.



Watkins’ unavailability has been known of for quite some time. The main question is: can rookie Dennis Kelly improve from his first NFL start and better protect Michael Vick? The Saints have extrapolated enough information from the film of Kelly’s performance against the Falcons to attack his shortcomings. Tonight it will be up to him to utilize the teaching the coaches presented to him and fend off Steve Spagnuolo’s blitz-happy defense amongst the extenuating crowd noise of the Superdome.



Mekin is a regular on the inactive list. He may get his chance, however, if Dennis Kelly fails to impress, or if a significant injury occurs.



According to Adam Schefter, Darryl Tapp is with his wife expecting his first child in Philadelphia. First of all, congratulations to the Tapp family, and obviously, this is beyond football, and family always comes first. This makes the necessary decision due to the return of Mike Patterson much decision. The Eagles will go with 5 Defensive Tackles and 4 Defensive Ends. Look for Patterson to get 12-18 snaps, and for Fletcher Cox and Cullen Jenkins to receive a few snaps at Defensive End due to the imbalance of numbers.



Until Curry shows the coaches enough development to be able to play, he will continue to remain inactive. If the line doesn’t produce, however, expect Curry to be considered for activation next week or the ensuing games.



The news we all dreaded. All day I hoped, prayed, begged for Allen’s hamstring to receive a magical elixir, thus allowing him to play. While Halloween may have been delayed to today for those up in the Northeast, now wizards were present in New Orleans today. David Sims will get the start, and the equation is simple. He will either be poor and useless, with the coaches giving up on him after tonight, or he will be amazing, and cause a minuscule spark of intrigue, at least until Sunday if he starts against Dallas.


As always, may the football gods be generous tonight. If the Eagles pull this off, hope, joy, belief will refill the city again after the disaster of hurricane Sandy, and could ignite a n emergence from this team. If they lose, well, let’s not go there.

May the angels of inactivity shine upon us in this fight, in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and book us a ticket back there for the last week of January.

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