The Phillies clearly need to answer their problem in the outfield.  After losing both Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence, it is clear that the Phillies need to fill their positions.  Since Amaro has said he is more inclined on investing in an outfielder then a third baseman, here are some possibilities that could be in the starting lineup for the 2013 Philadelphia Phillies.

Josh Hamilton-  I will be completely honest, I do not expect the Phillies to go after Hamilton, however they surprised us when they got Cliff Lee off of free agents listing, so you never know.  Plus, baseball “experts” claim that Josh Hamilton said he was interested if the Phillies were to talk with him about potentially playing in Philadelphia.

B.J Upton-  I don’t think he brings a great bat to Philly, however his glove is tremendous, and he brings speed on the base path.  He would be pretty affordable, as he is not a big name free agent.  There have been rumors for a couple years that the Phillies were interested in Upton, and this could be the year where the Phillies actually commit to this idea, and sign him.

Nick Swisher-  This is the guy I think the Phillies will sign in the off season.  The switch hitter has done well at the plate for years, and has a canon of an arm.  I am not a huge fan of Swisher overall because of his lack of power, however with a healthy Ryan Howard, Swisher could play the role as the contact hitter.

Michael Bourn-  This would be a long shot.  Bourn has worked hard on his game since he left Philadelphia, and has become a dynamic player in Atlanta.  He gets on base a lot, and is good in the field, two things the Phillies would love to have in the future.  The problem is he would be very expensive, and the Phillies do not have a lot of money in the bank where they could simply invest in a star centerfielder.


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