Monday, November 5th, 2012. 8:30 PM: primetime. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome in robust New Orleans: the soon-to-be venue for the battle royale known as Super Bowl 47.

For the Eagles, the game at hand is even bigger.

At 3-4 and having lost four of their last five games, images from the nightmare of 2011 slowly begin to haunt us all. A defense once again looking lost and helpless. An offense without identity, without life, save for the pride of the city LeSean McCoy. A fanbase holding onto  an intrinsic hope. They can only watch, however, as their dream, a Super dream, again tauntingly fades away.

With fans calling for his head at the guillotine, Andy Reid knows what is at stake. Jeffery Lurie’s kingly ultimatum threatens this Reid regime after a fourteen year reign.

And who can forget the story of a lifetime: a man who journeyed from the top of the NFL’s Mt. Olympus, all the way down to society’s underworld. His highly publicized, historic, heroic comeback requires an elusive prize. The ring.

It all comes down to this.

Lurie, the city, the fans are running out of patience. Upon the news that Michael Vick will remain the starting QB, it is clear Andy Reid is going all in, and is not letting this team fall by the wayside without a fight.

Should the Eagles lose this game, and the Giants defeat Pittsburgh, they would fall to 3-5, and 3.5 games out of first place. Such a loss would demoralize not only the players, but the entire city. It is likely Michael Vick would be benched, and subsequently the fate of Andy Reid would be sealed.

If the Eagles win, however, the result could turn the season, and from there, one can only dream. At 4-4, the lowly Cowboys would follow, and after that would be a slate of seven games, of which only one team has a winning record. A win could bring about a spark, a boost, an injection of life into this team, and once again: one can only dream.

This game could define the season, the career of the great Andy Reid, and the fairytale odyssey of Michael Vick.

Why can’t we hope, why can’t we dream, why can’t we believe?

I ask for your support, Eagles fans. I ask that you put aside your negative opinions, your complaints, your anger, and stand behind your beloved Eagles one more time.

If there is any man to lead this team in such a game, with so much at stake, who better than Andy Reid. A resume of five NFC Championship appearances and a Super Bowl appearance speaks for itself. Andy Reid shows a certain sangfroid in these types of situations, and he knows how to win. Can’t we get behind the big fella one last time?

A former MVP candidate starts at QB. If he  had such success before, why can’t he do it again?

This is it, the final countdown. Put aside all pain and frustration, Eagles fans. The most passionate fans in America, no, the world, are needed now more than ever.

So settle in, put on your Eagles green, get to a TV-if not, to the game itself-and yell out the all-farnilliar chant of E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! If they win, who knows? They may be back in New Orleans again come three months time. If not, we start fresh. Show your passion, go all in, and boast your Eagles pride: one more time.


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