Sixers owners Joshua Harris and Adam Aron have been hinting at big things for the Sixers 2012 home opener against the Nuggets basically since the end of the 2011-2012 season, adding different parts and effects to this night throughout the entire summer to surely make it one to remember. Here are all things that will be happening at Sixers opening night, so get your tickets ASAP if you haven’t already:

  • An on-court and video tribute to Former-Sixer forward Andre Iguodala
  • An injured Andrew Bynum
  • Former-stars Moses Malone and Dikembe Mutombo will be there
  • Sixers will be sporting their new alternate blue uniforms
  • All fans in attendance with receive a Sixers 50th anniversary blue t-shirt
  • An upgraded scoreboard that will display the entire box score
  • A new 10-foot, 600-pound t-shirt launcher named, “Big Bella,” which shoots 100 shirts between 15 and 20 seconds
  • T-shirts, tickets and other Sixers merchandise will also be parachuted from the top levels down to those on the lower levels

Sounds set for a great night! Maybe, just maybe, basketball will be relevant in Philadelphia once again.

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