This article, as all of my articles in the future will be, is written from a fan’s perspective. I believe that fans want to hear from other fans. My articles are also supposed to very easy to read, so you won’t have to scour through pages of paragraphs to read what you really want to read
So, without further ado, here are my 76ers predictions for the upcoming  season:
I have given my predictions for the upcoming season for every current Sixers player, Including the Head Coach
Coach Doug Collins will struggle a bit with this team at first. There are so many new faces and the team now has Andrew Bynum, one of the most dynamic players in the league. But Doug is a great coach, and will eventually figure out the strengths of these guys and get everything out of his players while they are on the court. Doug will also learn how to best coach Andrew Bynum. He must figure out how to reach Bynum’s potential, because Bynum is the future of the franchise.
Jason Richardson will play a Juan Pierre-type role. He will do a lot of little things to help this team win, along with being a veteran leader and knocking down some 3’s.
Jrue Holiday will average between 15-20 pts and 6-9 ast. He will finally become a very good floor leader. Jrue needs to make the jump to stardom if he wants the money (assuming he is not extended by 10/31), and if the Sixers really want to make some noise in the playoffs.
Maalik Wayns will be a very effective back-up PG, and bring a speed dimension off the bench. He will be last year’s Lavoy Allen as a PG. The former Villanova standout may have a real future in the NBA.
Dorell Wright will be a good veteran leader, but on some nights he may dominate from 3pt range. He may turn out to be the best move the team made.
Andrew Bynum will struggle at first, but will be dominant when it counts down the stretch. His knees will limit him to between 55-65 games. The new face of the franchise will have a roller-coaster of a season, But will all in all turn out to be a very good investment for the Sixers. The team needed to shake things up a little, and wanted to get out of the “Good, not great” part of the NBA. Bynum will be great and hopefully re-sign here in the offseason, or leave as a FA, leaving the team with $20 million cap space to go after others.
Lavoy Allen will emerge as a starting PF. Lavoy will become the dominant defender he was against KG in the playoffs and prove that was no fluke. The Temple product  has so much potential.
Evan Turner is really a tough one to predict. There are two directions that he may take:
1.will continue to struggle shooting, but will continue to be effective as a rebounder and on the drive
2.His jumpshot will begin to fall, and he will start to emerge as a superstar
Thaddeus Young will be second or third in 6th man voting, behind James Harden of OKC, unless Harden’s contract situation affects him on the floor extensively. In this case, Thad may win 6th Man. Thad really does a lot of little things to help a team win, and this may be a breakout year for him.
Arnett Moultrie to be non-factor this year..but will be very good in future. He led the SEC in rebounds last year, which has to count for something.
Nick Young will continue to show why he has the Most swag in the NBA …
All jokes aside, “Swaggy P” is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get (Forrest Gump). Some nights he’ll hit everything, others he can’t hit the ocean.
Kwame Brown’s injury will linger all year. He will be effective as a post defender when he does play, but little to no offense will come from him.
Spencer Hawes will be very similar to himself post-injury last year. He essentially already played PF last year, so that is not really a change aside from not taking the Tip-Off.
Royal Ivey will hardly play barring injury to Jrue Holiday or Maalik Wayns.
Will have over 45 wins, no more than 55
Doug Collins will win Coach of the Year
Thaddeus Young may win 6th Man
The team has two real contenders for Most Improved Player: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.
Andrew Bynum is a Long Shot for MVP
East predictions: keep in mind it is hard to predict the postseason before a game has been played!
5.New York
Miami def. Milwaukee 4-0,
Indiana def. Chicago 4-3 (Toss up because Derrick Rose should be back)
Sixers def. Brooklyn 4-2, (but may go 7 because Game 6 would be in the new Barclays Center)
Boston def. New York 4-2
Miami def. Boston 4-1
Sixers def. Indiana 4-2 OR Lose to Chicago 4-2 if Bulls win v. Indiana. I believe we would lose to the bulls because we should have lost to them last year had DRose been there. It’s only fair.
Conference Finals:
Miami def. Sixers 4-2.  We still do not have enough to beat the heat unless Lebron,  not DWade or Bosh, is injured. Lebron is by far the most important player on the Heat.
Heat def. Thunder 4-3

Ricky Wegryn

I am the Owner and Founder of Philadelphia Sports Nation


  1. Bryan

    October 26, 2012 at 6:46 AM

    Sorry I meant Milwaukee as 8 Seed… My final decision!!!!!


  2. Bryan Shipon

    October 25, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    My mistake. I have Atlanta as 8 seed


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