Recently, Cole and Heidi Hamels were joined by Phillies Ryan Howard, Jonathan Papelbon, Kyle Kendrick, and Former-Phillie Shane Victorino on the television show, Life After Top Chef. Hamels performed various cooking tasks such as grating cheese, cutting cheese andddd separating lettuce for salads; Howard, Papelbon, Kendrick and Victorino all stood by and watched, basically.

Some memorable quotes from Hamels during the show:

“It’s kinda scary in here with all these knives and everything…nothing like the baseball field.”

And then Chef Carroll asked Hamels if he was left or right handed. Hamels responded:

“I can do both.”
But…but….Hamels is a left hand pitcher O_o
The Phillies were only featured for a total of about 13 minutes during the hour long show, so as you can imagine for the non-reality, non-cooking fan that I am, it was a bit painful. Checkout some photos I took by my iPhone from the show:

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