The NHL announced today that, as a result of not coming to a labor agreement, they would be cancelling all remaining games through November 1st, 2012.

This announcement comes on the heels of the NHLPA declining the league’s latest proposal that was made public earlier this week. With these latest cancellations, the number of total missed games to this point is 135. Despite being categorized as “cancelled”, the games missed as a result of the lockout are technically still only “postponed” at this point. Commissioner Gary Bettman that an 82-game schedule is not out of the question, so long as a labor deal can be reached and the season begins on November 2nd.

This is, however, not reason to be optimistic. Both sides, by many accounts, are still pretty significantly split. According to ESPN’s Katie Strang, more cancellations loom on next Thursday’s deadline — possibly including the NHL’s Winter Classic.

Additionally, Strang reports that no further talks have been scheduled at this moment.

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