Not much has happened with the NHL CBA so far. Well, actually, some things have happened. So far, the NHL has cancelled all preseason games and regular games until the end of October. A total of 82 games were cancelled. However, much has happened with Flyers and NHL players. A total of 110 NHL players have signed overseas. Of that list, here is where current Philadelphia Flyers players have signed:

Player                                                 Team                                 League                             Country
Claude Giroux                                   Eisbären Berlin                      DEL                                 Germany
Danny Briere                                     Eisbären Berlin                      DEL                                 Germany
Ilya Bryzgalov                                   CSKA Moskow                    KHL                                Russia
Jakub Voracek*                                 HC Lev Praha                       KHL                            Czech Republic
Matt Read                                        Södertälje                           Allsvenskan                        Sweden
Ruslan Fedetenko                             Donbass Donetsk                    KHL                                Ukraine
Tom Sestitio                                     Sheffield Steelers                     EIHL                          United Kingdom
Wayne Simmonds                            Eispiraten Crimmitschau       2nd Bundesliga                   Germany

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