That special time of the year has rolled around again; no not pumpkin carving season, but MLB Postseason ball. Yet the baseball fans in Philadelphia are left with a weird feeling in our gut as the Phillies are not in postseason contention for the first time in five years. Since the Phillies are not in the postseason and I am that crazy fan that still wants to connect the Phillies to postseason baseball somehow, I thought I’d write up this article about how some Former-Phillies are doing on teams that are in the postseason.


CAUTION: Feelings of anger and/or remorse may occur after reading this article.

 Let’s start off in the AL with the #1 seed, the New York Yankees, who have one Former-Phillie on their team: Raul Ibanez.

Raul Ibanez

 The Yankees only have one Former-Phillie on their team, good-ol’ Rauuuuuuuuuuuul Ibanez. Ibanez was a class act here in Philadelphia, as I believe he always gave his all, even though it seemed as though all the all he had was given in the 2009 season, only dropping from then on. Ibanez is not playing in the field anymore as he once did for the Phillies, as the Yankees see him as more of a threat with his bat (HA!) I wish the best for Raul but I want him and his team out of World Series contention as soon as possible, which would mean being swept by the Orioles in the first round of postseason action. Please baseball gods, make that happen.


Now for the Yankees’ first round opponent, the Orioles, we have two Former-Phillies on this team:  Endy Chavez and Jim Thome. 

Endy Chavez

Endy Chavez had a short lived career here in Philadelphia, only staying in town for one year (2005) after the Phillies acquired him from the Nationals for Marlon Byrd. Chavez was a backup player for the Phillies at most, as he assumed about the same role with this Orioles team. Maybe the Phillies can look at acquiring him again this offseason. Who knows? Maybe Chavez will even hit the game winning hit for the Orioles in Game 7 of the World Series.

Jim Thome

Oh Jim, how we (still) love you here. Thome was brought into the Phillies organization again this past offseason, as the front office thought Thome could be a solid bat off the bench, maybe even play some games at first while Howard recovered from his injury – well oh boy were they wrong. Thome never really fulfilled those goals which that Phillies front office had set for him, as the team was forced to trade him to the Orioles in June. I would love nothing more than for Jim to get his first World Series ring because – let’s be real here – time is running out for Big Jim.

No Former-Phillies are on the Tigers or Athletics postseason roster.

Now moving onto the National League, we take on the Nationals postseason roster, who only has one Former-Phillies on it, Jayson Weth (BOOOOOOOO!)

Jayson Werth

 Oh Jayson, how we (still) hate you here, more then ever before. We loved you, we cherished you, we helped you develop into the s0me-what good player that you are today, but you have nothing at all to return the favor. Werth is a slob, a sellout, whatever you want to call it, there is nothing positive that should be said about the name “Werth” here in Philadelphia, as the Phanatic’s left shoe lace aglet is “Werth” more than Jayson Werth. I sincerely hope that Werth, the Nationals and their bandwagon fan base are out of playoff contention in three games, getting completely destroyed by the Cardinals in the process, would be great plus too.

Cardinals only have one Former-Phillie on their team: Kyle Lohse.

Kyle Lohse

Kyle Lohse – an average pitcher, nothing positive, nothing negative to really say about him. After only being in Philadelphia for one year after being traded from the Reds, Lohse helped the Phillies in their late-September run in 2007, but I believe that the Phillies would have been perfectly fine without him. Good luck to him! I hope the Cardinals do not repeat as World champions, but hey, worse things have happened.

The #2 seed in the NL, the Reds, only have one Former-Phillie on their postseason roster: Wilson Valdez.

Wilson Valdez

Wilson Valdez, aka Mr. No No, is famously known as the position player who came into an extra-inning game and pitched a scoreless half inning for the Phillies. Besides that, he is just another player that passed through the Phillies organization. A great backup position player, Valdez will certainly help the Reds throughout the playoffs, possibly coming in late to a game or two to fill in for a starter, or maybe even as a bat off the bench. Out of all the the Former-Phillies that are on this list, I wish Wilson the best of luck, as I know the Reds won’t go deep in the postseason, for yet another year.

The Reds’ first round opponent, the Giants, have one short-term Former-Phillie on their team: Hunter Pence.

Hunter Pence 

This one hurts deep as I honestly believed that Pence was going to be the Phillies’ right fielder for many years to come, but some things just aren’t meant to be. Pence, traded in late July to the Giants, was only with the Phillies team for a total of seven playing months, as I feel the Phillies should have held on to him at least until the end of the 2012 season, but of course other things got in the way and what needed to be done was done. Pence was struggling in the early months of this 2012 season, but some may make the argument that the only reason he struggled is because Charlie Manuel put him the clean up spot while Ryan Howard recovered from his injury, when he is obviously not a clean up hitter. Pence and the Giants are the team for me to represent the NL this year, but hey, that’s just me.


And that’s that. Postseason baseball is one of the best time of the year, Phillies involved in it or not (even though it would be better if the Phillies were involved). Let the games begin, as we wish the best to all the Former-Phillies playing postseason baseball. Besides you Jayson Werth. You suck.

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