So, all I hear lately, being an Eagles fan, is how will the Eagles “survive” this season with Michael Vick always getting hurt? How will the Eagles compete with their staring QB down? Well, so far, in the pre-season, and yes, I get that it is only pre-season, rookie QB Nick Foles has looked VERY solid in his spots, and with Mike Kafka being hurt, it looks as if Foles may have a great chance to be the #2 guy behind Vick. And, who knows…..with Vince Young now on the unemployment line, maybe the team will bring him back as well. I kid, folks, I kid……but, Foles has looked very good, and seems to have a firm grasp of the offense.

The only thing that I can see, as an “outside” observer, that has NOT gone “according to plan” for the Eagles this pre-season, is the untimely passing of Coach Ried’s son. My prayers and thoughts continue to be with the Reid family. Something such as that is NOT easy.

But, away from off-field matters, I wrote in an earlier post that the offensive line is something that will need to be looked at. The hit the Patriots put on Vick was a bit of a breakdown there. Jason Peters and Mike Patterson were both placed on the non-football reserve injury list. OT Tra Thomas retired. The team traded LB’s Moise Fokuo and Greg Lloyd to the Colts for CB Kevin Thomas and a conditional 7th rounder. While I might have kept Fokou purely for depth, both men were somewhat expendable in the acquisition of DeMeco Ryans.

So far, the defense looks like it is picking up where it left off last season. Phillip Hunt looks pretty solid at the end position. And while many can point to the spat between Cullen Jenkins and Andy Reid and say that this team has “internal problems”, consider this: Coach Reid had just come from his son’s funeral. I cut BOTH him and Jenkins a little slack in this one.

Now Vick is still mending, and might play some before the pre-season is over. If he doesn’t, who really cares? The rest of the pre-season will be to decide who will stay, between Trent Edwards, Mike Kafka and Nick Foles. Besides, it’s not like Vick will have a “tough” game in the season-opener against Cleveland. Let the team “kid-glove” him through the rest of the pre-season, and get him ready for Week 1.

From where I sit, here in North Texas, I’m surrounded by Cowboys fans, that all are taking glee in the things that are going on with the Eagles this pre-season. That just tells me two things: One, that they aren’t paying enough attention to their own team to deal with their own concerns, and two- that taking the season series, by a combined score of 54-10 is STILL stinging with them. That’s OK. It’s going to be worse this time around for you, Cowboys fans……so, deal with it.

Finally, congratulations to Brian Westbrook, who will retire as an Eagle, and be honored later this season.

Only a few more weeks before the Eagles “bring the pain” and re-claim their rightful spot atop the NFC East………Fly, Eagles…..Fly!!!!!!!


Patrick Lowe

An Eagles fan in North Texas.....surrounded by obnoxious Cowboys fans. Ouch!!!

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