Every championship team not only has clear star players, but also the all important role players.  These players are typically those who may specialize in things like 3-point shooting, defense or providing a spark off of the bench.  Just as star players provide a solid set of statistics, role players often have a large effect on the game and can certainly win a game through their play.  Take for example Shane Battier who throughout the playoffs helped the Heat, and even though Battier is a defensive specialist, who provides energy off the bench and occasionally can hit the three, he surprised opposing teams and allowed D-Wade, Lebron and Bosh to have more space to operate.

The first player who I believe can be a legitimate scoring weapon off the bench is Nick Young who scored 14.2 PPG last year and is a phenomenal 3-point shooter.  He has size at 6”7 and has game where he can catch fire and swing the tide of a game.  With his 3-point shot and his somewhat clutch nature, he steps into Lou Williams’ place well and will provide a key spark off the bench.

The second 76er that I think that not only should start, but should be a very effective role player would be Lavoy Allen.  I have seen so much of Lavoy, both at Temple and last year for the 76ers and each time I see him play it is evident what he brings to the table.  He hustles all the time and is a good rebounder.  He extends the defense, for after he sets a strong pick, he rolls out for a 16-18 foot jumper that he seems to drain almost every time he shoots it.  With his work ethic, he should continue to improve as key player for the 76ers and will compliment Andrew Bynum in the post.

Last but not least, the third “role player” that also should find his way into the starting lineup in his upcoming sixth season with the 76ers is the hustler Thaddeus Young.   Last year he would come off the bench, grab rebounds, play tenacious defense, and immediately instill energy into his teammates.  He does it all and while he may not be considered a star, he is well respected around the league.

Players like these three will without a doubt have a large impact on the 76ers this year and they directly effect the teams success.

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