When my dad suprised me with tickets to the all start game, I didn’t know what to say. Soccer has been one of my favorite sports for years and to be able to cross off my list of all star games the MLS, I was certainly excited. I came home from work and quickly got dressed. My dad and I waited for our ride and we were on our way to the game. Once we got there, we were in disbelief. The atmosphere was electric and people were coming in with all different types of jerseys. I saw many Red Bull jerseys,which was not suprising considering how close they are. The Chelsea fans poured on in and the MLS fans treated them with only the most love that Philadelphia Union and other teams fans could. My dad and I, along with the others that we came with, went to a tailgate that was sponsored by the Sons of Ben.

To those who do not know who the Sons of Ben are, let me give you a quick insight. They are the reason that the Union are in Philadelphia. They are the Supporters section of the team and let others know it proudly. I am proud to say that my dad is a Sons of Ben member and that I was at one time. The tailgate had it all. Great food, lots of drinks and soccer fans gathered together for the game. There were also many booths for companies who had sponsored the game. Companies such as Red Bull, Home Depot and Cornerstone Tire. There were many people who were excited to be there. Now, we had arrived very early so we took our time eating and taking in the sites.

  Once we walked in, we could tell this game was going to be good. Fans were already chanting as we walked into our seats. Fans had on gear and their faces were all painted up. Everyone was ready for the game. We then received a rally towel, which was awesome. We were right in the middle of the Sons of Ben Supporters section. The action was intense. The game itself was great. Once the All stars scored first, the Sons of Ben supporters section went insane. We were all on our feet jumping around and giving the players a lot of support.

When Chelsea tied it, their supporters section went nuts but of course, we kept silent. Once Carlos Valdes came in, the Sons of Ben Section went crazy once again. We were happy to see him in the game and helped make the defense just that much better. Chelsea took the lead once again when Frank Lampard pounced on a mistake by the keeper and put Chelsea up 2-1. We were taken aback at the turn of events. However, we came to and started chanting once again. When the All Starts Tied it, the crowd went bonkers again. The All Stars put a dagger in Chelsea and were looking to take the lead.

 The game seemed to feel like it was going into extra time as the ref held up the red 2 that indicated there would only be 2 minutes of stoppage time. The All Stars only needed one minute as Eddie Johnson broke in on a run, cut back, shot the ball off of a defender, over the goalie and into the net. This was the breaking point of insanity. We were going ballistic and screaming at the top of our lungs. The All Stars shocked Chelsea once again, this time 3-2. I had a lot of fun at the game. The experience of being at an all star game was awesome. To say that the game was just ordinary would be a huge understatement. My dad and I had a great time and I look forward to going to a Union game in the near future.

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