This is an exciting off season in the NBA.  Superstars like Deron Williams, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, along with other talented players, were up for grabs as teams are scrambling to build a roster to compete with teams like the Heat and Thunder.  Also, the draft class was deep and had potential difference-makers throughout the entirety of the first round.  The 76ers no doubt succeeded in bolstering the team’s roster this offseason.  Some of the acquisitions leave me scratching my head, but most were phenomenal.

Starting with the draft, the 76ers selections of Moe Harkless and deal which landed them Arnett Moultrie definitely solidified the 76ers as one of the teams with the best value for their draft picks this year.  Moe Harkless the versatile small forward out of St. Johns is a young player with very high potential, as he is 6’8, athletic and also has a 7’1 wingspan. Arnett Moultrie is a 6’11 power forward out of Mississippi St. and is also an athletic player with high potential.  I loved both of these acquisitions as it adds more athleticism to an already athletic team, which likes to run the floor.  I also like these two players as the 76ers look to become dominant in the future; they need to add more young stars to add to their blossoming core.  Both of these guys have the potential to be all-star caliber players down the road.

  The next thing to discuss is the resigning, or departure of players on the 76ers 2011-2012 roster.  First the 76ers leading scorer last year, Lou Williams, has left for Atlanta.  This obviously is not the greatest thing to have happen as he can put up points in bunches, is clutch and is one of the top five sixth men in the entire NBA.  While that left 76ers fans disappointed, the resigning of the 7’0 goliath Spencer Hawes was reputable, mainly because the 76ers need a front court presence and Lou Williams was simply more replaceable.  Now, the key signing to me was an unexpected contributor, who hustles every play, has a sweet mid-ranged jump shot and is a force on the glass.  I am talking about Lavoy Allen who started seeing more minutes in the playoffs and was pretty efficient.  By signing Allen and Hawes, the 76ers solidified two contributors that would help the waning front court and who bring positive energy (hustle) to the court and locker room.

The final topic is those who the 76ers signed as free agents or traded for.  To replace Lou Williams, the 76ers signed a three point sniper in Nick Young.  In the last two seasons he had averaged over fifteen points per game, which is right around what Lou Williams’ was.  That was a perfect replacement and to go along with that the 76ers also signed Kwame Brown and traded for Dorell Wright.  Kwame Brown is kind of a head-scratcher even though I can understand why the 76ers signed him.  He is a good rebounded and can defend, but beyond that he really does not help them.  The former number one pick in the 2001 NBA draft has really disappointed and has been to numerous teams throughout his career.  The reason for signing him was to add depth to the front court and to be a big body in the post that can grab some rebounds.  Dorell Wright is a great player and I like him, but it seems like the 76ers have too many small forwards on the roster.  Thaddeus Young and Moe Harkless can play the three and the four and Iguodala can play the two, but Dorell would be the fourth small forward and that seems odd to me.  Perhaps the 76ers are trying to move one of their small forwards, as I do think that Iguodala will be traded within the next year or two.  Again, I do like these moves though, because the 76ers are adding youth (except for Kwame) and impact players who would be only benefit for the entire team.

Now, I have heard some criticize the signing of Kwame Brown who is notoriously known as a bad player as analysts like Stephen A. Smith have made some negative comments about him and there are YouTube videos that do not say kind things about him either, but I do think he can make a positive contribution to the 76ers.  Also, Nick Young is infamously known for being a Sportscenter not top ten plays champion.  He was running the floor, went for a layup, and threw it over the backboard.  He is a tremendous talent though, and I am disappointed that he is known by those who may not have seen him play as a goofball or lousy player, because it is quite the contrary.

Overall, the 76ers made some fantastic moves this off season and some that may be questionable to some, but I trust the 76ers organization and believe we all have a lot to look forward to as the 76ers have a plethora of talent that hopefully will show up this year and be rewarded with an extensive playoff run.

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