Charlie Manuel has been a great manager for the Philadelphia Phillies since he arrived in 2005.  He has been able to get this organization to continuousley win each season, with the players he has.  Along with this feature, the players Manuel has managed would tell everybody they know that they love playing for Charlie, as most players (if not all), have a good relationship with him.  Clearly, good chemistry is needed between the coaches and the players, as the Boston RedSox proved this when they treded Kevin Youkilis to the WhiteSox, after Bobby Valentine and Youkilis never were on the same page, and would never get along in spite of this.

Another feature Manuel obtains is his voice, and that think is mighty powerful!  In the past years, whenever the Phillies have been playing sub par baseball, Charlie always chews out his players before a game, and then as a result the Phillies play better.  Even though this has worked for Manuel for the last fie years, this year he has not had success in this field, which has hurt the team overall, as they are thirteen games under .500 going into the All-Star break.

There are a couple reasons to this.  One, since the Phillies had so many injuries in the beginning of the season, they had to fill these holes with the best available players, which were not as good compared to the injured starters.  For instence, Ryan Howard had been injured for the entire first half.  To replace him, the Phillies brought in Ty Wiggington, a solid player, but also someone who clearly is not in their prime anymore.  With this replacement, Wiggington will not be able to replace Howards numbers.  He could be reliable at some times, but he will not give you the clutch performances that Ryan Howard can give this team each night.

However, if Ryan Howard was in a slump, Manuel would go out of his way and speak with Howard. ¬†Charlie cannot do that with Wiggington because he cannot expect Wiggington to go out each game to record a hit and a couple RBI’s at the least. ¬†Charlie cannot have a serious closed door conversation with the team because the current Phillies roster just can’t do anything about themselves losing. ¬†This is mainly because sub are playing for the injured starters. You cannot rip on a bunch of subs to play better than they are for injured stars. ¬†It just does not make any sense. ¬†After all, they are the ones filling in the major holes, they are not the ones making 24 million dollars a year to hit 40 homeruns and 130 RBI’s or any of those superstar numbers that the Phillies do not currently have because Howard and Utley have been injured for the first half of the season.

The Phillies had this same problem with Utley. ¬†Because of Utley’s injury, Freddy Galvis had to fill in for Chase. ¬†Not that it was a problem, but Galvis is 22, going into his rookie season in the MLB. ¬†He does not have enough experience to fill a huge play maker like Chase Utley to begin his career. And this is why Charlie Manuel can not get on Galvis’ case for his low performance before his own injury. ¬†Galvis did not put himself in this situation Charlie did, and as a result, Charlie would have to deal with whatever Freddy Galvis could produce because of the circumstances. ¬†Because of the fact Charlie cannot chew out the two replacements in the lineup who are replacing the best players on the team, Manuel has seem slower to comment on the other players on the team who have played poorly such as, Shane Victorino, John Mayberry, Jimmy Rollins, and Placido Polanco. ¬†Charlie Manuel clearly does not have his voice he once had, and even though I do not think his job is in jeopardy, some of the players job’s may be. After the 2012 All-Star game, it is time for Charlie to talk some sense into this team, as it is not to late yet to make a run for the playoffs for this year, but if he acts to late, it will be.

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