The Eagles swept the Washington Redskins (5-11), winning the week 6 matchup 20-13. The Eagles barely escaped Fed Ex Field, as they jumped out to a 20-0 lead in the 1st half, only to let the Redskins come close of tying it late in the game, but the defense stood. The week 17 matchup in Philadelphia was meaningless, but the Eagles won in a 34-10 rout.  Eagles are in favor of the rivalry winning 5 of 8, dating back to 2008. It wouldn’t be a Redskins offseason if they didn’t sign more players in free agency than any other team in the division. Safety Brandon Meriweather and wide receiver Pierre Garcon are two notables, as the Skins look to build on a defense that finished in the top 15, and add weapons and protection for quarter back Robert Griffin III.

I believe RG3 will live up to the hype, and will be a force in the NFC East for seasons to come, but I don’t believe this is one of those seasons. Outside of that pick, the Redskins draft consisted of reaches and questionable picks. Guard Josh LeRibeus will give RG3 some protection on an offensive line that gave up 41 sacks in 2011. The 3rd round pick of quarterback Kirk Cousins was a head scratcher to most, considering that quarterback Rex Grossman was re-signed as well. Where I believe the Redskins will finish 4th in the division, I am ALWAYS convinced that their matchups against the Eagles will be tough and hard fought. RG3 will show flashes and make great plays, but I will be surprised if the Eagles defense does not give him headaches and knock him around. I still do not believe the Redskins offensive line was imrpoved enough, nor do RG3’s weapons on offense impress me. This is a rebuilding season for Washington, but the Eagles still need to take these matchups seriously. The Eagles will face the Redskins week 11 in Washington, and week 16 in Philadelphia.


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